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OCT 2 2021 - NEGMAWON: Introduction to the New Jazz: SPIRIT

                Location: Black Box Theatre

                Time: 7:00PM



OCT 8 2021 - EXHIBITION reception: The Circle of Ubuntu

               (Exhibition Open October 1st - 14th)

                Location: UBCO Fina Gallery

                Time: 5:30PM


OCT 23 2021- The Ubuntu Conference: Rethinking the future through the lens of Ubuntu; exploring community centred approach to discussing and shaping the future of a more Inclusive Kelowna

                Location: TBA

                Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM



AUG 16 - 20

9am - 3:30pm

This camp is made possible through the City of Kelowna’s Artist in Residence project and through Studio 9 School of the Arts for donating their school. This program seeks to bridge the disconnect between BIPOC children and access to spaces of art that can accommodate their experiences and stories, with adequate representation. Through 'The Jam' children will be engaging with the African philosophy of Ubuntu, "I am Because you are". This week-long camp will explore ideas around community, living together and self-expression, this will be done through creative activities. From painting and dancing, to fitness, singing and theatre. The camp ends with a showcase at the school where family, guardians and friends can witness the children's learnings and creations. Lady Dia's musical theatre camp comes with many surprises you do not want to miss.


Open for all children from 5 to 12 years old

Ubuntu's Children: Weaved from the fabric of story


Through this process youth are engaging in the story of the making of the artist in residence, Lady Dia. In the making of this story, youth are engaging with their artistic expressions and challenged to expound on their own art by having an opportunity to explore further their possibilities in living a life of creativity. Ubuntu, "I am because you are" guides how we engage and the stories we create, with the focus being in supporting each other to shine our light as a constellation opposed to a single star. 

A key aspect is bridging the disconnect between public art spaces and youth in the community. These creatives will be hosted by numerous art spaces in order for them to understand how public art institutions work in relation to artists/creatives and how they engage with the general public. It is also for them to think about their creations existing in such spaces, if they so please. This is to add a number of perspectives on the opportunities and spaces through which one can take their artistic journey further in Kelowna.

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